Who I am

I am a developer with ten years' experience developing against the LAMP stack, and a newfound focus towards iOS development. I wish to apply my varied technical and creative talents to produce interesting and meaningful work. I love to wear many hats, like to explore new possibilities, and quickly learn new technologies.

A more detailed work history and background is available at my LinkedIn profile.


Proficient In:

  • Web 2.0 on LAMP: XHTML, CSS 3, PHP 5, MySQL 5, JavaScript, AJAX and MVC methodologies (eg: CodeIgniter)
  • Facebook app development (Graph API, JS and PHP libraries)
  • iOS development (Objective-C)
  • Photoshop, Lightroom

Exposure to:

  • C/C++, Java, MIPS assembly, Prolog, Motif, Scheme, Cinema4D, Maya, Illustrator, Flash

Dabbling in:

  • Node.js, MongoDB, and more

Selected Work

The following is a selection of recent websites and web-based applications I have worked on, either in a team, or as lead developer:

  • As an engineer at Stitcher, I architected and built the Stitcher Web App (Backbone.js, HTML5, etc.) Additionally, I got to work on making our iOS app stronger and better; notably, I implemented a download management component to enable the offline listening feature.
    Web App | iOS app HTML 5, Backbone.js, Require.js, jQuery, CSS 3, iOS, Objective-C
  • TwitStrip
    A comic-based Twitter client for iPhone. TwitStrip analyzes each tweet in your feed and interprets its mood using a character from the image library. Features original artwork by a Bay Area artist.
    More Info | Download from App Store iOS, Objective-C, Twitter API
  • Undisclosed US-based Airline
    Led a team of two in creating a compelling demo as a pitch for an unnamed airline that wanted to push the envelope in rebuilding their in-flight entertainment system using HTML 5. The demo was a functional prototype that allowed a user to navigate through animated menus (3D item carousels using CSS 3 transforms), start a movie and select other services during its playback. I built a very basic navigation stack using JavascriptMVC that allowed for screens to seamlessly come on and off the screen, animated using CSS 3 transitions.
    Agency: Mekanism. HTML 5, JavascriptMVC, jQuery, CSS 3, Chrome Canary / WebKit
  • Samsung: Coast to Coast Photo Post
    Created back-end admin tool for a Facebook campaign that features photos from a road trip across the USA. The tool allowed admins to upload images, crop and resize via a web interface, and generate thumbnails of various sizes. Admins could edit meta-data, including geolocation using an embedded Google Map, which was saved as EXIF. Note: campaign is over, but demo is available upon request.
    Agency: Mekanism. PHP, CodeIgniter, JavaScript, jQuery, jCrop, Facebook
  • DKNY interactive Facebook Campaigns
    Implemented the backend for a handful of Facebook campaigns for DKNY. Notably, the DKNY Core Club, which allowed users to collaboratively design bottles and enter them in a contest. Another component of the Core Club analyzed a user's Twitter feed and Facebook posts for keywords, and pegged them with brand-minded synonyms. A second campaign allowed users to submit their photos into a gallery that created a custom Flash-based video commercial featuring said photos. Both campaigns were Flash-based, lived as Facebook apps, and communicated with the back-end using AMF. Note: campaigns have since ended. Assets were automatically uploaded to a CDN for scale.
    Agency: Mekanism. PHP, CodeIgniter, Facebook, Twitter, AMF, Rackspace Cloud / Files CDN
  • Pattern Energy
    Built out the redesign of Pattern Energy's website, employing modern standards, such as HTML 5 video and audio on supported browsers.
    Agency: el fortes design. PHP, JavaScript, HTML 5, CodeIgniter
  • KIN
    Responsible for integrating marketing materials across social media platforms for Microsoft's now-defunct KIN phone. This included custom FBML and iframe Facebook applications, detailed Omniture tracking, as well as custom integrations with YouTube and MySpace.
    Agency: Mekanism. PHP, JavaScript, Facebook, FBML, Omniture
  • TakePart
    Responsible for implementing Overture web tracking on a large Drupal-based, issue-oriented community site.
    Agency: Mekanism. JavaScript, PHP, Omniture, Drupal
  • Parkinson's Disease Foundation
    Responsible for entire front- and back-end implementation of public-facing site, built on in-house CMS. This included porting over data from client's old site, and recreating existing interactive functionality.
    Agency: Zoomedia. PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS
  • Parkinson's Disease Foundation Research Portals
    Implemented custom, modular search engine, unifying files, calendars, delicious feeds, press releases and virtual presentations, based on in-house MVC framework. Implemented social-networking features for researchers (eg: status updates, buddies, etc.) Also maintained custom-built workflow manager.
    Agency: Zoomedia. PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, AJAX
  • ArthroCare Sports Medicine
    Responsible for implementing most of front-end and all custom back-end tools, including a product catalog manager. Built on top of in-house CMS.
    Agency: Zoomedia. PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS
  • Epilepsy.com
    Responsible for part of both front- and back-end implementation of this community site for persons with epilepsy.
    Agency: Zoomedia. Drupal, PHP, MySQL, XHTML, JavaScript + jQuery, CSS


I hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Brown University.


I am fluent in English, Polish and French. A sinophile, I am intermediate in Mandarin Chinese. I'm also a beginner in Brasilian Portuguese, but understand a lot more than I'm able to say.


Available upon request.

Anything Else?

Yes! I am also an avid freelance photographer, focusing on travel, event and editorial photography. For more information, please visit my photography site. Besides this, my other two passions are capoeira and snowboarding.